Enamel Education


The following listings are for occasional enameling classes and workshops and those at colleges and schools in the United States, which offer regular enameling classes, for credit or non-credit. Thanks to James Malenda for supplying the bones of these listings and Vicki Mathieu for setting up the enameling classes and workshop forms.

Enamel Guilds may also sponsor workshops. Not listed are the several high schools and camps which offer enameling instruction. There are virtually no degree programs in the U.S. which currently offer majors in enameling, but there are a few which offer minors. The Enamelist Society, at this time, does not certify enameling instructors. 

The Society sponsors workshops at its conferences. We also have a Lending Library of books and other material.

Send information for Credit or Non-Credit listings to the office. If you teach, sponsor, or know about a class or workshop, please let us know.

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