July 2018 Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me - by Trish White

For those of you who are not familiar with the Grains of Glass website, let me tell you a little tale. Ten years ago, when Facebook was a baby and enamel artists only met in conferences and workshops or discovered each other through email and books, I thought it time to start an international web site where everyone could come together in one place to share their art, friendship and knowledge. I wanted the “unknowns to become known”.  When the network opened its doors, the artists lined up and the number of countries and islands grew to a global experience.  With this growth, came many friendships, connections and invitations for me from overseas as well as here in the U.S. I became an “Ambassador with a broom to fly.” 

Image may contain: 4 people, including Trish White, people smiling, people standing and night It has been an endless learning experience to talk “shop” with artists using other techniques and metals, industrial enamels as well as  listening  to issues they face from one country to the next  both economically and with governmental rules and regulations; the lack of quality enamels, limited suppliers, shipping costs, customs, VAT taxes, and limited workshops. Oh, and the universal complaint, “Not enough sales!!” So what else is new?

My most memorable meeting was with 5-star Goldsmith- Jeweler,  L’ubomir Déči, Bratislava, Slovakia who designed a pair Erotica Budoir Boots for a client, made from galvanized rhodium plated white gold weighing 1582.10g and holding 26.10 carats - 402 pieces of the most perfect diamonds set in waves on the top of the heels. 

….and now you know the rest of the story.


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