2021 Workshops


Enamel and Rust - Amanda Denison

When: March 16 and 23, 2022

Description: This is a virtual workshop. Breaking the rules: Enhancing enamelled pieces with the introduction of rust. The workshop will demonstrate how to prepare steel to take liquid enamel, how to apply the enamel, and the firing process. We will also consider a few of the different ways to abrade the surface prior to rusting. We will discuss the different methods you can use to rust steel and how to clean up and seal pieces afterwards. There will be time to explore mounting techniques. We will also look at some cheats - how to introduce rust to other (non-steel) surfaces. Each person attending will come away with techniques for future explorations and some samples they can go on to develop into finished pieces or use as starting points for future pieces.

In the first session, we will explore preparing the metal, preparing and applying the enamel, abrading the surface, and different rusting techniques. Participants will be sent a challenge to explore the technique prior to the second session. In the second session we will examine the samples participants have made, discuss successes and difficulties, and talk about finishing and mounting techniques. The emphasis is on experimentation and breaking the rules.

We will have two classes for this Workshop. The first class will be from 9:00 - 11:00 am eastern time on both March 16th and 23rd. The second class will be from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm eastern time on March 16th and 23rd. You can select which class you would like to attend on the registration form. 


Mark Making with Painted Enamel - Ruth Ball

When: February 18th and 25th, 2022

Description: This is a virtual workshop. Consider new ways of working with Painted Enamel by using a variety of mark-making and gestural approaches to the enamel surface. This class focuses on the demonstration of techniques on samples to reveal a wide range of effects that can be developed into your own personal style. Presenting methods ranging from sgraffito, stenciling, painted effects, and an overview of low-tech print methods, the sessions give a taste of the exciting possibilities of this under-used medium.

We will cover:

  • Preparation of the enamel base
  • Mixing colors
  • Exploring mark making
  • Painting a design or image
  • Firing painted enamel
  • Building up tone
  • Mark making effects
  • Adding foils and wires
  • Over glaze colors
  • Under glaze colors
  • Applying finishing flux

Both of the classes are already full. Thank you to everyone that registered.