The Enamelist Society Board of Trustees awards one or more people special awards at its biennial conferences.  Winners are chosen for their selfless and unflagging service to the enameling community and for their personal accomplishments and achievements in enameling. Current award designations are:

  • The Creative Arts Award
    Given to a living enamelist who shows evidence of pushing the creative edges of the medium in design, technique and presentation throughout his/her career. 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    Given to a living enamellist whose whole body of work shows development of techniques, innovative design, beauty of object, love of the material, fine craftsmanship, and a sharing of their knowledge with others.
  • Woodrow W. Carpenter Award
    Established to honor those who are presently working to benefit the world of enameling.

From time to time the Society creates special awards, sometimes in memoriam to honor the achievements of those enamelists who are no longer living.

Previous Award Winners