The Enamelist Society sponsors various activities on an ongoing basis:

  • Achievement Awards are presented every other year at the Society's biennial conference
  • The Biennial Conference is held throughout the United States
  • Biennial juried, non-juried, and invitational Exhibitions in conjunction with the biennial conference
  • Fundraising activities including auctions and raffles held in conjunction with the biennial conference
  • Workshops¬†held both in conjunction with its biennial conference and as standalone activities
  • Online Student Exhibition hosted every two years. Click the link to see this year's exhibition!!
  • Funding and Grants Programs
  • Classes and Workshops - add to the list or search for a class or workshop. This is a dynamic database that is only as complete as what is enteres into it. Please list all classes you are aware of.
  • Lending Library books, periodicals, articles, catalogues, and images (digital and slide) on loan to members
  • Aprons, Catalogs, and CDs from previous Society juried exhibitions on sale