October 2018 - Juror Profiles

Alchemy5 - Juror Profiles

Kathleen Browne    https://kathleenbrowne.net/

Artist and educator, Browne headed the metalsmithing / enameling program at Kent State University  from 1992 until her retirement in 2015.  She has long been a leader in the national and international enameling world.  She was a pioneer in the witty, almost subversive use of decals in enameling.  Her bodies of work, including her graphic pop / pulp decal images of women’s faces applied to brooches and neckpieces, are familiar – almost iconic – pieces of contemporary jewelry.  Browne continues to experiment and develop innovative forms for enamels, and her current work shows her willingness to push enamels in new and fresh directions.  In addition to her own work, Browne has made an indelible mark on education in the arts.  She has been one of those teacher / artists who are responsible for the continuing development of enameling in and out of universities.

Jeannine Falino     https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannine-falino-a6835b8

Writer, curator, educator, and administrator, Falino has enjoyed a significant career within institutions such as the Museum of Art and Design and Parsons School of Art in New York City, RISD,  and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, among many others.  She has written for a wide variety of publications and has edited and contributed chapters for numerous important books on American decorative arts and crafts.  She has a special interest in metalwork, jewelry, and the contemporary studio crafts movement.  She is a renowned curator of exhibitions and a respected lecturer.


Heejoo Kim     https://heejookim.com/

Korean jeweler and enamelist Kim is one of the younger 21st century artists who is making her mark throughout the world of art jewelry and enameling.  Her poetic abstractions of plant material deftly rendered in electroforming and then enameled are proof of the never ending possibilities in our infinitely mutable materials.  Kim was educated in Korea and spend some time in Pforzheim Germany so she started her career with a cosmopolitan approach to jewelry and enameling.  She will also be an instructor in both the pre and post conference workshops at the 2019 conference.