Exhibitions - Instant Gallery



Everyone attending the conference is invited to bring one or two enamel pieces to the "Instant Gallery to introduce your work to the other conference go-ers and the general public. This is the 8th Instant Gallery associated with our conference.

A great feature of the Instant Gallery presentation is the ability to have a small picture (1 x 1½) of the artist displayed with the work and information about the piece to make connections easy and answer the question "How did they do that?". Please bring a photo with your art but it is optional.

Your piece can be Not For Sale (NFS) or For Sale. Sale arrangements are to be made between buyer and seller. All pieces will remain on display until after the closing event on Sunday night of the conference.


Your work will be handled with utmost care. The gallery will be monitored during open hours. When the Instant Gallery is unattended, it will be locked. The show will be dismantled at the end of the conference.

Please pick up your work and signage during the specified times on Sunday evening. Your receipt serves as a quick ID when you pick up your piece(s).


The Instant Gallery will be open during the conference at stated times so everyone will have the opportunity to see all the artwork. The Instant Gallery, when open, will also be available for viewing by the public.


For the Instant Gallery to be open as many hours as possible, it requires volunteers to sit. Sitting the gallery will give you ample time to see the whole Instant Gallery show while performing a necessary function by monitoring it. Help is also needed to set up and return artwork. Please call the Office at 770-807-0742 or email them to volunteer.


So we can have time to mount a really terrific show, please deliver your piece as soon as you can after arrival! Signs will be posted to direct you to the Instant Gallery.

When you deliver your artwork, bring your one or two enameled pieces and a small picture of yourself (1 x 1 ½ can be cut from a larger photo). Label the back of the photo and the back or bottom of you artwork with your name.

Wall pieces must be ready for hanging. Please bring any special display support that your piece needs.