2022 Workshops


Layered Sifting and Etched Surfaces - Jessica Turrell 

This is a virtual workshop.

In this class Jessica will demonstrate techniques she has developed for combining etched metal surfaces with vitreous enamelling techniques. She will explore methods for creating relief, texture, and pattern on the underlying metal surface, and then how to use sifting techniques to enable enamel to interact with, and be altered by, these textures. The first session will include a slide presentation of Jessica's enamel work. This will be followed by demonstrations of etching techniques. Jessica will discuss the application of a variety of resists, and also options for the etching process. The demonstration will include relevant health and safety issues. The second session will focus on the application of enamel, using sifting techniques to apply enamel to the altered surface and how over-firing and under-firing can help to enhance the surface texture.

There will be two separate classes for this workshop. The workshops will take place on November 14th and 18th, 2022. The first class will meet from 9-11 am eastern time and the second class will meet from 1-3 pm eastern time on those dates. Each class is limited to 25 participants.

Throughout the workshop Jessica will share her samples and talk about the methods she has developed within her own worl. Students will not be expected to work along with the tutor during the sessions but will have the opportunity to create textured and etching samples between sessions. 

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