"Glass Ceiling" by Ashley English


The Enamelist Society Biennial International Juried Exhibition "Alchemy," a term that refers to a seemingly magical power of transmutation as well as the ancient chemical philosophy of turning base metal into gold or silver, can apply to enamel as it is magically transformed by heat.

Alchemy6 is the 18th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition and 14th International Juried Student Enamel Exhibition, sponsored by The Enamelist Society. The Exhibitions highlight the best in contemporary enamels produced in the last 2 years. The International Juried Exhibition showcases the work of enamelists that demonstrate aesthetic and technical expertise. The Student Exhibition, which is always very inspiring, features the work of students in accredited degree programs throughout the world.

Jan Smith, Ana Lopez, and Amy Roper Lyons are the jurors for this exhibition. Entries must have been made in the last two years. Entries cannot have been entered into a previous Enamelist Society exhibition. Up to three pieces can be submitted. Artists are limited to two images per piece. There should be nothing to identify the artist in the images or image titles and descriptions (no signatures, no faces, etc.). The deadline for entry is Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 11:59PM, eastern time.

Member Application
Non-member Application
Student Application

"Alchemy," a term that refers to a seemingly magical power of transmutation as well as the ancient chemical philosophy of turning base metal into gold or silver, can apply to enamel as it is magically transformed by heat.


The Enamelist Society members have spoken and we have heard! Your request for an all-members’ exhibition has been on the Board agenda for a while now, and TES will be sponsoring our first all-members’ invitational. One logistical consideration has been our ability to show a large volume of work in the exhibition spaces we are given at the conferences. But thanks to Rick McMullen’s perseverance along with the board’s commitment we are finding a way! We decided to focus on one of the various enameling techniques for an exhibition at each conference, so this year it will be cloisonné, another year Limoges, and so on. We will begin with cloisonné because many members are cloisonné artists, and an entire show of just cloisonné will enable us to compare and contrast the variations and developments you all have made over the years in the art of cloisonné. Many enamelists are initially drawn into the field because of the beguiling appeal of cloisonné – its mesmerizing depths of color, its ability to contain exquisite detail. Many members have gone on to develop their own amazing skills in traditional cloisonné techniques but others have made creative leaps with cloisonné, focusing on line, value, scale and more. It’s time for a comprehensive look at the entire scope of cloisonné. Let’s see all this work together – it will be fabulous!


We have decided to print a catalog for this exhibition and you can order your copy today! The pre-order price is $25 and will increase after the books are printed. Click here for the order form.

The jurors for this exhibition were Charity Hall, Anne Havel, and Barbara McFadyen.

The exhibition is currently at Millersville University in Milersville, PA. It also made a previous stop at Georgia Southern University.


Thank you to all of the students that submitted to the Online Student Exhibition! We had a great group of pieces this year. A special thank you goes to our jurors for this exhibition, Arthur Hash and Judy Stone! You can find the exhibition below.

Click here for the 2019 Online Student Exhibition


  • Conference attendees are also encouraged to take part in what is known as an "Instant Gallery", where they can show two pieces of work in a gallery setting free of charge. See previous examples.
  • Workshop presenters take part in a special invitational.


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