"Clair de jour" by Gabrielle S. Castonguay

Registration for the 2018 Online Student Exhibition is now available!

"Alchemy," a term that refers to a seemingly magical power of transmutation as well as the ancient chemical philosophy of turning base metal into gold or silver, can apply to enamel as it is magically transformted by heat.

The 16th Biennial  International Juried Enamel Exhibition and 12th International Juried Student  Enamel Exhibition, sponsored by The Enamelist Society, highlights the best  in contemporary enamels produced in the last 2 years. The International Juried Exhibition showcases the work of enamelists that demonstrate aesthetic and technical expertise. The Student  Exhibition, which is always very inspiring, features the work of students in accredited degree programs throughout the world.

These Exhibitions will travel as follows;

Arrowmont Sandra Blaine Gallery, Gatlinburg, TN             Summer 2017
Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, OH                                       Fall 2017
National Ornamental Metals Museum, Memphis, TN          Winter 2018

Jurors for the exhibitions will be Marianne Hunter, Sharon Massey and Beate Gegenwart.


  • Conference attendees are also encouraged to take part in what is known as an "Instant Gallery", where they can show two pieces of work in a gallery setting free of charge. See previous examples.
  • Workshop presenters take part in a special invitational.


Purchase catalogs and CD's from previous Society Exhibitions.