Registration for the Conference and Workshops is now open! Please follow this link for the registration form.

Here you can find a list of Workshops. We hold two spots for students in each Workshop until May 3rd. Unfilled student slots will be filled from Workshop wait-lists on May 3rd, 2019. You can see below which Workshops are filled completely, only have student spots left, or have spots available to everyone.



1 Gillie Hoyt Byrom Portrait Minatures (Full) Portrait Miniatures (Full except for student spots)
2 Heejoo Kim Enameling on Texture (Full except for student spots) Enameling on Texture (Full except for student spots)
3 Sarah Perkins   Vessels
4 Judy Stone   Through a Looking Glass: 3-D Color and Enamel Layering (Full except for student spots)
5 Aurélie Guillaume Cloisonné – Opaques (Full) Cloisonné - Opaques
6 John Killmaster Granular Spray, Sgraffito and Enamel Crayons (Full except for student spots)  
7 Sharon Massey   Champlevé - Steel
8 Kathleen Wilcox   Use of Foils - Larger scale enameling (Full except for student spots)
9 Anne Havel Dimensional Enameling - Torch Firing (Full except for student spots)  
10 Marissa Saneholtz Saw and Solder Champlevé (Full)  
11 Sydney Scherr Cloisonné - Transparents (Full except for student spots)  

The 2019 Conference Prospectus can be found here!

The Enamelist Society holds a biennial (every 2 years) Conference in various parts of the United States. The next conference will be held July 31-August 7, 2019 at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. We will make the  prospectus and program available as we put them together.

Please click here for a map of The University of Oregon

The 2019 Conference, titled Alchemy5, will be similar to previous conferences; the morning sessions filled with a keynote, panels, speakers and a general membership meeting. The afternoons consist of "breakout" sessions where multiple presentations and/or demonstrations on various technical or marketing topics are held every hour. Evening events include an opening reception for the Exhibitions, our Saturday night auctions and the Sunday night closing party. The ever popular pin swap begins as attendees arrive and a vendor's area will be available throughout the conference to browse and purchase enamel related items and books.

The 17th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition and 13th Juried Student Exhibition will again accompany the conference. In addition, a presenter's invitational exhibition and an "Instant Gallery" will be open for public viewing. The Instant Gallery consists of 1 or 2 pieces of enamel work brought by conference attendees. This work may be for sale and may be accompanied by a small photo of the maker in order to facilitate networking between attendees.

The Enamelist Society holds a raffle, a silent auction and a live auction during the conference. Donated items include enamels, tools, books and, of course, enamel pieces. Auction proceeds help support Society grants and educational activities.

Three day workshops surround the conference. We will make the 2019 Conference workshop list available once it is finalized.